46th annual DCMF: July 19-21, 2024!
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Dawson City Music Festival

March 6: RPM Challenge Listening Parties!

The RPM Challenge is now complete and it’s time to party! In addition to an online global listening party, we are pleased to announce a very special local event on CFYT 106.9fm:

Local RPM Listening Party

Join Dan Brown and Mike Erwood, hosts of Snowed In on CFYT 106.9fm for a special Dawson City RPM Challenge listening party on March 6th, from 2-4pm MST. Two full hours featuring RPM tracks made by Dawsonites and other Yukoners!

Thanks to CFYT Radio you can tune in locally at 106.9fm, or listen online at cfyt.ca!

Global RPM Listening Party

This is an 8-hour online event with multiple radio streams from around the world, starting at 10:00 am MST on Saturday, March 6th. This listening party will be hosted on the video chat app Gather.Town where people can explore a 2D world and see and talk to people as they would in a real space, with room for hundreds of people at a time.

Tune in to hear one track from each record submitted. Yukon RPM projects will debut at 11 am MST in room 5 on the gather.town app. For full details visit rpmchallenge.com/global-listening-party