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RPM Challenge 2021


The RPM Challenge is a creative challenge to anyone to record music (or poetry, comedy, podcasts, field recordings, and more) in February. Any genre, any level of experience, anywhere. Since it was founded in 2006, tens of thousands of tracks and thousands of records have been made by people worldwide, with over 100 tracks from right here in the Yukon!

It’s non-competitive and for people of all experience levels. It is meant to inspire creative courage and encourage everyone — musicians and non-musicians — to explore their own creativity. It’s fun, it’s hard, it’s rewarding, and it’s open to everyone.

Read on for registration information and a roundup of FREE events and opportunities!


Since the RPM is a creative challenge, not a contest, the rules are pretty simple:

• Everyone is welcome!

• It’s not essential to write material in the same month, but many people do.

• The RPM is a DIY community event where your expectations are set by you.

• It doesn’t have to be good; it just has to be done.

• Have fun!

• You choose your own length goal (a single track, a 5-song EP, a 10-song LP, a 30-song box set, or anything in-between). 

• Your record must be produced in February.

• Your work must be submitted digitally or if sending a hard copy, postmarked by the deadline of March 1st, 2021. (more to come on how to submit)


Sign up for the RPM Challenge at the international site: rpmchallenge.com. Contact assistant@dcmf.com to let us know you’ve registered if you want to stay in the loop about Dawson/Yukon activities.  


Access to beat-making/electronic equipment – DAWSON CITY ONLY 

You may have heard that thanks to RisingYouth, the eight Maschine Mikro controllers previously donated to DCMF by Madame Gandhi and Native Instruments are now mobile and ready to lend out to Dawson residents for the RPM Challenge in February. In addition to Maschine Mikro, the production setups include laptops and the easy-to-learn software you need to get started. These setups are typically geared towards hip-hop and electronic music production but can be used for any style. The equipment is suitable for beginners, it is intuitive and fun to experiment on, with plenty of how-to links included. 

The initial response to this initiative was fantastic. At this time, all eight setups are spoken for in February. We encourage you to contact us at assistant@dcmf.com to be put on the February waitlist or for more information about borrowing the gear in the future. 

Stay tuned for an electronic music-making workshop hosted by DCMF! More details to follow.


Visit  www.facebook.com/RPMChallenge/events for free online workshops throughout February, from DIY recording and songwriting to making loops and beats, and making music with kids!

You can also check out videos from past workshops, including Recording 101 with Micah Brown and Alternative Tunings with Kate McLevey.


Sunday RPM Livestream – Sundays at 1:00 PM Mountain time 

Join RPM Head Cheerleader Elling Lien as he chats with guests and RPM participants around the world on Youtube and Facebook Live. A casual weekly interview show and workshop series. Tune in here: www.facebook.com/RPMChallenge

RPM Challenge Global Jam on Endlesss, an iOS and Mac music app designed for online jamming. More about Endlesss at endlesss.fm/

Public jam link: endlesss.fm/jam/58d71e1fc84754ecee68fd9ed0f615de0274cde2d53a924b2928be34ba4017f2/join

Meet other RPMers

Join other Challenge participants on Discord – an add-free messaging platform designed to bring communities together online. Join the RPM Challenge Discord server to meet participants, find collaborators and share your music. Join here: discord.com/invite/2Qb7DCaX8p

Online Finish Line – Monday, March 1st, 1:00-3:00 PM Mountain time

Open to RPMers worldwide, this will be a casual event intended to replicate a more traditional in-person finish line. RPM International will host this on gather.town, a unique video conferencing app that lets people wander around and meet people organically, as they would in a real space. Log on, hang out, and meet other RPM participants crossing the finish line with you. More details to come! 

Check out the space here: gather.town/app/Kznxc7V3FmJuFuPz/rpm2021

Online Listening Party – Monday, March 1st and various dates

Once March 1st hits and submissions roll in, RPM will populate the online listening stream on YouTube with submitted tracks. rpmchallenge.com/radio. A local listening party on CFYT is in the works, with more details to come! 


Want to hear past RPM projects? Check out the RPM Radio youtube stream. We’ll share all things RPM directly with those interested and on our socials, but feel free to check out RPM Challenge Yukon on Facebook, visit rpmchallenge.com, or follow DCMF’s accounts to stay up to speed.

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