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Dawson City Music Festival 2020 Call-out for performers


DCMF is on the hunt for musicians and bands of ALL GENRES to perform at the 42nd Annual Dawson City Music Festival, taking place July 17-19, 2020 in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

Great, sign me up! But first… Where is Dawson City? In Yellowknife? Alaska?

(No, not even close but thanks for trying…) Dawson City is situated in the beautiful Klondike Valley on the banks of the Yukon River, the third-longest river in North America which empties into the Bering Sea. We are a few hours from the Arctic Circle, and 600 kilometres from the nearest Tim Hortons. 64.0601° N, 139.4320° W to be specific. Check it out!

DCMF is known for spectacular hospitality and an incredible volunteer force – ask any Festival alumni about their time in Dawson and they will no doubt mention some variation of “To Die For Tacos” or “Legendary Lasagna Bonanza” in the performer’s lounge. If you’re lucky you’ll get the lowdown on the “beer canoe”. Hint: it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Plus, amazing all-day lattes provided by the sweethearts from Baked Cafe keep our performers caffeinated and ready to rock & roll… Or whichever genre floats your boat.

So… Why should my band come all the way to this tiny remote sub-Arctic town to play your festival?

We could humble-brag that we’ve been dubbed “Canada’s tiny, perfect music festival” by Vancouver’s Georgia Straight, or that we are “one of Northern Canada’s premier music events” as noted by Exclaim Magazine, but instead we’ll let our actions speak for themselves:

Did you sleep on the plane?

That means you didn’t get Air North‘s signature fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, but we might make up for it by sending you on an exciting paddle on the Klondike River or sightseeing in a propeller plane with a local!

The Wet Secrets, secretly getting wet on the Klondike River between showtimes. (2016)

…Miss your pets at home?

Our on-call Transportation team has been known to occasionally bring ultra cute sled-dog puppies along for rides. Unfortunately we can’t send you out dogsledding in July but we run this sweet Songwriter Residency program in the wintertime…

…Are you a history nerd?

It’s okay. Us too. Dawson City Mayor ‘Mayor Wayne’ will likely be slinging drinks in the Hospitality Lounge and can answer your municipal or historical questions. He’s got a few good ghost stories too…

…Wanna get the “locals tour”?

Dawsonites are proud to show off our home, the beautiful land around us. Whether your style is a loud echoing bell ring at the local tavern, a little flirt with cannibalism, fishing, or a scenic midnight trip up a mountain, we will be sure to provide. We love new friends.

Oh right, the music. That’s why were all here!

Have you ever wanted to perform in a turn of the century Gold Rush era building like the haunted Palace Grand Theatre or Red Feather Saloon? A beautifully ornate western-style Post Office straight out of Westworld? How about on the deck of a decommissioned river boat? Maybe lead your own Marching Band through the streets?

In addition to our iconic red and white Big Top tent (the Mainstage), we’ve prepared numerous alternative venues that will be sure to knock your socks off if you had any to begin with…

We won’t even get started about what it’s like to play an encore to a screaming crowd at 2 AM WITH THE SUN STILL UP. That’s an indescribable treat you’ll have to come experience in person.

The Parks Canada Palace Grand Theatre

If you’re still reading, you must be curious. We’re curious too! Please tell us about yourself using the application form linked below.


Applications will be accepted until February 10th, 5:00 pm PST