46th annual DCMF: July 19-21, 2024!
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Dawson City Music Festival

2019 Songwriter in Residence: Sam I am Montolla

Happy New Year’s Eve! We are so thrilled that in just a few days at the beginning of a brand new season, our 2019 Songwriter in Residence Sam I Am Montolla, will arrive in Dawson City!

Sam I Am Montolla is a singer, songwriter, and dancer from Montreal, Quebec, whose sound is as diverse as the city she lives in. Sam I Am writes and performs in a range of genres, including RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, and Gospel –  all permeating with African rhythms.

Sam I Am is a former member of the notable Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, has performed with the Gospel Trio Revelation III and Black Theatre Workshop’s Youthworks program, and is a frequent collaborator in Montreal, working with many artists from around the city from the likes of Monk-e, Narcy, Waahli, Shash’U, and Jai Nitai Lotus. Sam I Am is also a prolific Hip Hop dancer and Waacker under the alias Princess Shayla and has greatly contributed to the culture in Montreal, New York and Paris. Currently, Sam is an active member of Kalmunity, Canada’s largest and longest running black arts & improv collective.

Sam I Am Montolla continues to be a pillar in the movement and her community, staying connected, teaching and working at a youth center that focuses on free youth programming. She is currently working on her new mixtape, to come out early next year.

Sam will spend the month of January in the historic Macaulay Residence house writing, researching and creating. Sam plans to connect and share with the community through music and dance. Please give her a warm welcome and stay tuned for workshop details. Save the date for Sam I am Montolla live in concert on Thursday, January 24th, 2019!

Instagram: @samiammontolla

Music: soundcloud

Facebook: SamIAmMontolla

Website: samiammontolla.com