July 2022!
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John from Dawson and NITPIK

John from Dawson and NITPIK

Dawson City/Haines Junction

John from Dawson is an artist/actor born and raised in Dawson City, Yukon.  John uses hip-hop music, music videos, and social media to relay his positive outlook on life and reach his goals. John from Dawson is now working with producer, NITPIK on a full-length hip-hop album.

NITPIK is a hip-hop producer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist from Haines Junction, Yukon. Formerly known as Reverb, the 19-year-old beatmaker spent the last 11 years teaching himself instruments from ukulele to guitar, bass, piano and eventually hip-hop production, which has become his passion. NITPIK regularly collaborates with local hip-hop acts like LOCAL BOY and John from Dawson on live performances and recorded projects. Currently, he is producing JFD’s next full-length record, slated for release before the new year.