July 2022!
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Dena Zagi

Dena Zagi

Ross River

Dena Zagi, meaning “people’s voice,” was created in 2009 by Jenny Fröhling and Dennis Shorty. Dennis is a singer, songwriter and guitar player. He was born underneath a tree near Ross River and is Kaska First Nation. Jenny is a singer and plays the traditional drum & drum set and First Nation flute. Jenny hails from Germany and is Dennis’ partner. 

Dena Zagi is a Traditional-Contemporary band, and their music is written in the Kaska language. The lyrics are about the land, animals, respect, ancestors and traditions. They’ve played together in various venues in Canada and Germany and were nominated for Best Inuit, Indigenous Language or Francophone Album at the 2018 Indigenous Music Awards and Indigenous Songwriter of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Dena Zagi hopes to encourage young people to preserve their language through music.