JULY 19-21, 2019


“Like its predecessors, new album Returning Current is a blissful ride; the entire album, as the album art so perfectly reflects, sounds as the world does when you’re underwater: soft and calm”.

–  Laura Stanley, Exclaim!

Snowblink is non-denominational devotional pop music created by Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman. Gesundheit was a featured vocalist alongside Brian Eno on Owen Pallett’s In Conflict. In 2014, Snowblink joined forces with Feist and AroarA to form Hydra, a collaborative seven-piece band that toured across Canada. That year also saw Gesundheit collaborate with celebrated acoustic biologist Katy Payne (The Song of the Humpback Whale) for performances that featured choirs trained in the principles of Humpback whale “composition.” Gesundheit has appeared with Feist for special performances such as the Junos and the official Leonard Cohen Tribute concert in Montreal in 2017. Goldman and Gesundheit were both featured on Chris Hadfield’s Songs From a Tin Can – the first record ever to be recorded in space. Snowblink has released three critically acclaimed records on Fire, Arts & Crafts, and Oustide Music, including Returning Current,  their most recent release.

Drawing from her background in old-school Jewish Cantorial repertoire, and her training in classical South Indian vocal music, Gesundheit’s voice shifts with surgical precision between unaffected soprano tones and unapologetic animalistic expressions. Snowblink is sensual, not sterile, elegantly imperfect, Wabi Sabi. Gesundheit’s empathic, mesmeric lyrics, when coupled with Goldman’s patient and narcotic harmonies, establish a genuine intimacy. Snowblink’s newest collection of songs is “an unflinching study of human relationships, exploring interactions with self and others, and the looming threat of losing what matters most…”.