JULY 19-21, 2019

Old Man Luedecke

Chester, NS

“Old Man Luedecke is clearly in a league of his own”.

-Nick Krewen, Toronto Star


Old Man Luedecke is the real thing, a modern-day people’s poet and travelling bard and balladeer. With time spent in the big city of Toronto, a life started in the Yukon, and roots laid down in Nova Scotia, Old Man Luedecke has played around the world to a loving and increasing fan base and has won two Juno awards in the process.

Some call Old Man Luedecke “totally endearing and entertaining”, and others like Vancouver Folk Festival describe him as “musical singularity to be savoured and shared”, and savour they do.  Old Man Luedecke has a cult following of fans and his performances famously inspire heartfelt singing, stomping, and clapping along. His contemporary, honest lyrics about everyday life (the joys, the struggles, and the search), and his down-to-earth charm appeals to fans of all ages and creeds.

Not since Loudon Wainwright III has anyone written so honestly, so openly, or with such aching tenderness and good humour about family life. Highly personal stories are what have always connected him to the universal in his audience.

Old Man Luedecke’s highly “personal songs and infectious old-time banjo and guitar” culminates on his latest release, Domestic Eccentric, which Luedecke himself describes as “a rich portrait of personal friendships.”