45th annual DCMF: July 21-23, 2023!
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Join the Board of Directors

The DCMF Board operates using a hybrid model of operational, governance, advisory, and working styles. Joining the DCMF Board of Directors is a fantastic opportunity for people living in Dawson City to play a vital role in supporting staff, artists, and community members.
The DCMF Board meets bi-weekly from August to April and weekly from May to July. Additionally:

  • Board members must reside in Dawson City for at least one consecutive year prior to joining.
  • Board members must be present and active in a hands-on capacity leading up to and during the July Festival.

If you are interested in running for the Board, please register for our Annual General Meeting taking place Wednesday, August 31, and let us know you would like to nominate yourself!

Meeting attendees will also have a chance to nominate themselves on-the-spot, however we encourage you to reach out in advance to ask questions and learn more about what we do.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Dawson City Music Festival. Many people also consider it the best way to see the festival – from the inside. The information below is for potential volunteers interested in getting in on the action, having lots of fun, and helping us put on another great festival!

We’ve got many crews, each of which do different tasks over the weekend. Volunteer shifts are five hours and scheduled according to your availability!

5 Hours

A 5-hour volunteer shift earns you either a Friday wristband, or a Sunday wristband, + access to the VIP Volunteer Party in August!

Your choice! This is a great option for those who want to participate but are very busy during the festival weekend.

10 Hours

Two 5-hour volunteer shifts earns you a Friday wristband AND a Sunday wristband + access to the VIP Volunteer Party in August!

We’ve got morning, afternoon, evening, and night shifts so you can make sure to see all your favourite bands and plan your weekend in advance.

15 Hours

Three 5-hour volunteer shifts earn you a Full Weekend Pass + access to the VIP Volunteer Party in August!

This is the most popular option, as you get to be in Festival-mode the entire weekend, earn a full free pass, make a ton of friends and work on up to three different super fun crews!

What you need to know

Can I volunteer?

Yes, absolutely! Every year, over three hundred people from near and far volunteer with our different crews to help make the festival the best it can possibly be. We have positions for those of all ages, ability, and availability and are happy to accommodate.

What is expected of me as a volunteer?

We require all volunteers to be reliable and responsible. You will be representing the festival and our community so we ask that you be polite, professional, sober, and courteous at all times. Please stay in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator before the festival – and of course, show up for your shifts!

Where do I sign up?

Right Here: 2021 Volunteer Application Form!

If you’re already in Dawson City, stop by our office at 3rd Avenue & Harper Street to get the low-down from our staff. We’ll ask you to fill out a volunteer application.

The perks!

5 Hours
Friday OR Sunday pass + access to the VIP Volunteer Party!
10 Hours
Friday AND Sunday pass + access to the VIP Volunteer Party!
15 Hours
Full weekend pass + access to the VIP Volunteer Party!

What will I be doing?

Some people like to do what they do in their normal lives, while others like to completely change their personalities for one weekend a year! Either way, there are many different ways to contribute. Below are examples of only a handful of our volunteer crews at the festival. We have many different areas to volunteer in!

Beer Gardens
Selling cold beverages to enthusiastic, thirsty patrons in our Mainstage Tent as well as in the Beer Gardens at Minto Park. You must be at least 19 years of age to be on this crew!

Cooking up some yummy food to sustain the artists and festival crew!

Info Booth
Welcoming patrons to the Minto Park festival grounds and helping them find what they’re looking for, exchanging e-tickets for wristbands, and distributing the festival program. You get to be the festival know-it-all!

Merch Booth
Selling our sweet DCMF swag (t-shirts, hoodies, bandanas, hats, etc) as well as performer merchandise such as CDs, vinyl, posters, and all kinds of other fun stuff. The Merch booth is connected to the Mainstage and vendor’s area at Minto Park.

Kids just wanna rock! …And have their faces painted, make crafts, listen to music, and enjoy all kinds of fun games and activities. KidsFest takes place Saturday from 11am to 2pm, is free to the public, and hosts a different Canadian children’s performer every year.

Serving the great food made by our meals team to the artists and festival crew. This is a fun opportunity to say hi to the artists and make them feel welcome in Dawson!

Keeping the festival safe and happy for everyone! This crew does a little bit of everything (checking ID’s, searching bags, keeping an eye out for hazards) to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time at the festival. Note – this is a 19+ position.

First Aid
While we try to maintain the safest environment possible, it is very important to have alert and reliable medical aid onsite. The festival grounds are located next to the hospital in case of emergency but we have a crew on-site just to be safe