45th annual DCMF: July 21-23, 2023!
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Getting To Dawson

Getting To Dawson

By Water

Every year, a handful of adventurous festival-goers make their way to Dawson on a 600 km stretch of the north-flowing Yukon River. Check out our canoe package partnership with Up North Adventures!

If you are the “road-less-traveled” type, this route is for you! Up North Adventures offers three different time/distance options to paddle the north-flowing mighty Yukon River (which runs all the way to the Bering Sea!), so you can plan the perfect arrival to the festival according to your schedule. Sign up for a four, six, or eight-day once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the Yukon’s remote and rugged wilderness.

By Bus

Comfort and ease, the wild and beautiful Klondike Highway, and the vast expanse of the Yukon sky. Check out these great round-trip bus packages or a fly and ride package with the Klondike Experience!

If you are looking to experience the Yukon with the convenience of transportation taken care of while getting to see the spectacular Klondike Highway and the Midnight Sun right from the vast Yukon sky, this route is for you! Klondike Experience offers two different packages to reach Dawson City from Whitehorse. Sign up for a return bus trip or a fly and ride package!

By Air

Air North, the Yukon’s favorite airline, offers service to Dawson City (and other Yukon communities) from cities across Canada.

Aside from serving delicious warm homemade chocolate chip cookies, Air North also has awesome customer service, sweet seat sales and deals, and the nicest staff on the planet. Plus, there’s no better way to see the midnight sun than from way up high over the mountain tops.

Air North supports countless cultural initiatives in the territory, and we would love it if you chose to support them! Also we’re pretty sure there’s no other airline that serves you elk shepherd’s pie on your way from Ottawa.

By Road

Wether you are caravanning with friends, RV’ing your way up, or ridesharing, you will surely be amazed by the stunning scenery, historic gold rush-era relics, and wildlife such as bears and moose along the way.

1. Dempster Highway

The Dempster Highway runs from Inuvik, NWT to Dawson City and is a suitable option for those travelling from the north. The is the only road in Canada that crosses the Arctic Circle and it also passes through the beautiful Tombstone Territorial Park, 70 km from Dawson City.

2. Top of the World Highway

The Top of the World Highway runs from Tok, AK to Dawson City and is the best option for those coming from the interior of Alaska. It’s a breathtaking drive as the name suggests, but be sure to bring a spare tire!

3. Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway runs from Dawson Creek, BC to Dawson City and is a gorgeous option for those travelling from Edmonton or elsewhere in Canada. Highlights include the Liard River Hotsprings and the Watson Lake’s world-famous Sign Post Forest.

4. Stewart-Cassiar Highway

The Stewart-Cassiar Highway runs along the west coast of British Columbia and is a lovely option for those travelling from Vancouver. There are many creeks, rivers, campgrounds, and scenic lookouts along the way.

There are several highways leading to Dawson City, each of which are unique and beautiful. Be sure to check road conditions ahead of time to avoid unexpected delays!