SEPTEMBER 10 - 12, 2021!


Whitehorse, YT

Steeped in the melancholia of teen summer days, Diamond Dino is the breakout project of multi-talented musician Patrick Hamilton. Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon – where summers themselves burn short and bright – Patrick channels influences like Electric Light Orchestra, George Harrison, and (obviously) T-Rex into performances that are themselves both intricate and light. With all his songs written, performed, and produced by Patrick himself, Diamond Dino shows an in-depth knowledge and love for all aspects of the musical process.   

Though Diamond Dino strays more into the world of Jurassic pop-rock with its catchy riffs and quirky-but-cute lyrics, Patrick’s long love for vintage country and early jazz shows itself here and there in his retro guitars and John Phillip Sousa-style chromatic melodies. Patrick’s many other musical projects and contributions seem to come together in Diamond Dino, where he brings together an incredible groove in the rhythm section with the patience of a Stegosaurus and ear-catching melodies. 

Diamond Dino’s take on good times summer hits is the perfect music to change your spark plugs to; full of nostalgia for summers past, and effortlessly encapsulating both that feeling of lying in the lazy summer sun and hanging out the back of an El Camino – or a Ford Rachero, or any of those weird car-truck hybrids.

Diamond Dino’s live show at DCMF is a full-band set, with incredible Yukon musicians in their own right – Sarah Hamilton and Fiona McTaggart.

Tiny Islands Brass Band

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Uncle Jimmy & The Hammerstones

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Jeremy Parkin

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Ecka Janus

ECKA JANUS Whitehorse, YT Ecka Janus is a country and western singer with roots right here in Dawson. A select few may remember Ecka Janus’s first DCMF performance, thirty years ago in 1991! Welcome back Ecka!
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BERO Vancouver, BC Bero is a Syrian producer, composer and Oud player based in Vancouver, BC, whose message is of peace and cultural collaboration.  He has performed in many festivals, venues, universities and
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Whoa, Bear!

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Dena and the Bazuka

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Brent Maxwell

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Diamond Dino

DIAMOND DINO Whitehorse, YT Steeped in the melancholia of teen summer days, Diamond Dino is the breakout project of multi-talented musician Patrick Hamilton. Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon – where summer
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Erica Mah

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Drea Naysayer

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Andrew Laviolette

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