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Afrikana Soul Sister

Montreal, QC

Montreal-based Afrikana Soul Sister is a musical voyage from Africa to America, where deep-rooted traditions meet contemporary sounds in the form of electronic beats and basslines. Afrikana Soul sister fuses the distinct sound production of Jean-Francoise Lemieux with the untamed percussive works of Joanie Labelle and Fa Cissokho, and the striking voice of Djely Tapa, a seventh generation Malian Griote (West African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet or musician, keeper of oral traditions and collective memory of a community).

This quartet delivers a vibrant electro-afro-house sound where polychrome ambiance is melded with authentic African musical roots. Afrikana Soul Sister is a multi-sensory experiment that merges traditional music and digital creativity and is an open door for improv, tradition and imagination. The result is a hard-driving mix of unbridled rhythms and palpable energy.  

Their songs bring forward a message of social responsibility and touch on a variety of subjects including their relationship with nature, the importance of hard work, and the beauty of life – values often easily neglected in modern society.

Afrikana Soul Sister’s live performance is where the magic happens. The band’s essence is tangible, and vocalist Djely Tepa describes it as “a moment that allows us to free ourselves of prejudices to live a positive and communal experience.”